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 Mrs Veena Bajaj Phd(AIIMS Delhi)- NEET Biology Expert

As a member of "", she is post-graduate and Phd in Botany-Biology with more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, she is the brain and driving force behind NEET Ask and Answer on "". In addition to tightening the nuts and bolts of Ask and Answer to enable efficient handling of students queries, her role encompasses product conceptualization, content management, identifying strong and weak areas of students related to their studies across grades and subjects. She firmly believes that students learn best in a free and interactive environment and has strived to take the learning experience beyond the restricted domain of classrooms and books

 Mr Deepak Verma Phd (IIT Mumbai) NEET Chemistry Expert

An M.Sc. (Chemistry) and Phd in Chemistry Mr Deepak as a member of "" has expertise in Inorganic Chemistry, He is the key to Chemistry world helping students to achieve rank around nation. He got many national awards giving contribution in the field of Inorganic Chemistry.

 Mr. Dipak Kumar Goswami B-Tech IIT Roorkee NEET Physics Expert

Mr. Dipak Kumar Goswami B-Tech IIT Roorkee is an NEET Physics Expert in He won numerous awards in IIT industry adding his values to "". He plays a vital role in Physics content of "". He loves to play with numbers and equations. He loves badminton.

 Mr Ashutosh M Phil in Zoology, –NEET Zoology Expert

An M Phil in Zoology Mr Ashutosh is "" Zoology Expert. He has nearly 10 years of experience in Zoology enterprise. He takes Care of Zoology content and updates. He has been hounered with national awarded two times for his contribution in Zoology subject. He loves forest and mountains tracking.

 Mr Raman Phd (IIT Kanpur) –NEET Chemistry Expert

An M.Sc in Biotechnology and Phd in Chemistry Mr Raman takes care of chemistry content at "". He particularly likes to elucidate upon the concepts of organic and physical chemistry, His is responsible for Chemistry content in "". He loves travelling and singing.

 Mr. Sunil Khijwania Phd (IIT Delhi) –NEET Physics Expert

An M.Sc. in Electronics Phd in Astrophysics Mr Sunil is engaged in taking care of physics content at "". He has a penchant for solving problems related to physics in a quiet and efficient way. He is particularly fond of solving numerical problems. In free time he loves to do yoga.