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FAQ's Online Coaching for NEET, AIIMS, AFMC”, JIPMER”, CET MBBS Entrance Exams

Q1) Will I be able to crack "MBBS Medical Entrance Exam" if I join ""?

A1) Definately! Just follow the instructions of "" team faculty you will surely reach in “Top Rank”. Follow our recommended study "Time Table" provided by us, study quality hours over quantitative hours, learn and understand concept lessons throgh "MBBS Online Coaching", Correspondence Books and Video Lecture DVDs. So many students took our benefit and cleared "Medical Entrance Exam" same will work for you.

Q2) Is it sufficient if I buy the study material from ""?

A2)Yes! The whole syllabus has been designed and explained in accordance to crack "MBBS Medical Entrance Exam". While 'Study material' is intended to clarify your understanding of concepts, it is equally important to assess your learning through Practice Test Papers and "MBBS Mock Test Papers" with Rank predictor.

Q3) How much time I had to devote for studies to clear "MBBS Entrance Exams"?

A3) Mostly students studies 8-9 hours daily, but the key benefit of our "Online MBBS Coaching" is to study only 5 hours a day as discussed with our "" Team Faculty(remember 5 hours of concentrated study is better than sitting for 10 hours in front of book-day dreaming )

Q4) What are "MBBS Mock Test Papers" and Practise test papers?

A4) "MBBS Mock Test Papers" or Sample Test papers are the resemblance of your final "MBBS Entrance Exam papers". We had designed the "MBBS Mock Test Papers" in such a way that you get the same environment of your final MBBS papers. Same timing with same pattern of question papers and same distribution of marks. Whereas Practice Test papers are chapter wise question papers for your practice and assessment.

Q5) My Parents are not allowing me to become a Doctor?

A5) Immediately call customer care number at "", lets our counsellors help you in free.

Q6) If I buy any course, for how long will it be valid?

A6) For 12 class student-Online validity date is 1 year from the date of purchase (eg. "MBBS Entrance Exam 2017")
For 11 class student-Online validity date is 2 year from the date of purchase(eg. "MBBS Entrance Exam 2018")

Q7) What is your Success Rate?

A7)Our Success Rate is 80-82% every year due to which we are at India's top most "MBBS Onlice Coaching" services provider for "Medical Entrance Exams."

Q8) Do I had to buy all modules compulsory?

A8) Not at all, you can opt for individual modules also, like only Online Test Papers Series module or Video Lectures DVD set or MBBS Onlice Coaching or Correspondence Books only. But it is recommended to go for complete COMBO package which is very cheaper. All course fees has been designed under affordable rates.

Q9) How can I buy the course?

A9) See “mode of payment” on ou website "" under “"How To Enroll" or you can directly do payment by clicking payumoney icon under "BUY" tab.

Q10) How I can clear my doubts for studies?

A10 We have “Clear doubts” option on our website to ask doubts. This service is available to paid user only for 24*7. Students can ask unlimited number of doubts with team faculty anytime.